Who we are

Community Partnership Board

Decisions about how Growing Together's money is spent and other matters to do with the programme are taken by the Community Partnership Board. Its members are all residents of the area. It meets in public (see our News page for details) and anyone is welcome to attend. Its members are:

Andrea McAuliffe  (Chair)   Cherry Lodge

Dianne Finnie  (Deputy Chair)   Lumbertubs

Clive Bacchus   Lumbertubs

Pramod Daya  Lings

Molly Denga   Goldings

Palden Dorje  Lings

Janice Duffy   Cherry Lodge

Hazel Lewis   Blackthorn

Mark May  Overstone Lodge

Greg Lloyd  Overstone Lodge

Nike Pedro  Former Goldings resident

Hazel Smith   Lings

Amanda Twiner   Lings

George Wambugu   Lings 

We welcome new members of the Community Partnership Board from anywhere in the Growing Together area. If you are intersted in getting involved or would just like to know more about our work then call our Programme Co-ordinator, Peter Strachan on 075-818-3137. 

To contact one of our members send an e-mail to growingtogether@blackthorncommunity.org.uk , saying who it's for in the title line.

Programme Co-ordinator

The Community Partnership employs a part-time Programme Co-ordinator to ensure that its decisions are put into action and that the money is well spent. The Programme Co-ordinator is called Peter Strachan and he is based at the BGN Family Centre in Blackthorn. You can e-mail him on peter.strachan@blackthorncommunity.org.uk or call him on 075-8181-3137.