Growing Together

is one of 150 Big Local programmes across England, funded by a £1m grant from the Big Lottery Fund.  The operational area covered by Growing Together is the old Lumbertubs Ward of east Northampton, excluding the Weston Favell commercial area.  In other words, the estates of Blackthorn, Cherry Lodge, Goldings, Lings, Lumbertubs and Overstone Lodge.

The money can be spent on anything that the community identify as a priority, so long as its ongoing management is also overseen by the community. In the case of Growing Together, this means that all the decisions are taken by the all-resident Community Partnership (see People page).  Based on extensive local consultation, our priorities are:

  • providing activities and opportunities for young people, giving them positive alternatives to hanging around on the streets

  • caring for and improving our local environment

  • improving the quality of life for older and disabled residents

  • encouraging community action, tackling poverty and bringing the community together

We also worked closely with the Borough Council to develop a Neighbourhood Plan, giving local people a real say in the planning system and deciding what does and doesn't happen in the area. This was approved by a 91.47% "Yes" vote in a local referendum on 23 February 2017. This means that the wishes of local residents must be now followed when the Council take decisions on whether or not to give planning permission in our area.

Growing Together is supported by our local partner organisation, Blackthorn Good Neighbours (BGN).  BGN act as our banker and take responsibility for any contracts we need to sign to get our work done. They also provide us with administrative, financial and other support. BGN are based in Blackthorn and also run Blackthorn Family Centre and Nursery, the Community Centre at the Blackthorn shops, the new Growing Together funded Community Hub at Brookside shops on Billing Brook Road and undertake community support across the area.

Further help can be reached by placing your mouse pointer over the  buttons. A dedicated help section is also provided and accessed through the main site.