Investing in the Communities of
Blackthorn, Cherry Lodge, Goldings, Lings, Lumbertubs and Overstone Lodge


Welcome to the Growing Together Website - your Lottery £million!

Growing Together is funded by a grant of £1m from the National Lottery's Big Local programme. We invest in the communities and environment of Blackthorn, Cherry Lodge, Golding, Lings, Lumbertubs and Overstone Lodge estates in east Northampton. We want to make them even better places to live and to grow up, places where local people care for each other and their surroundings. 

Decisions about how the money is spent are made by a Community Partnership Board, made up entirely of local residents (or former residents). You can read about who we are and how you can join us on our People page. 

After months of consultation with local residents, we started work in the summer of 2013. We've now spent or committed to spend just over half of the money and have recently agreed a budget to fund two further years of work between April 2016 and March 2018.

Projects we've funded so far include:

  • new play areas, youth shelters and exercise equipment across our five estates
  • youth work activities run by Free 2 Talk, Change of Scene, Reelscape Movie Hub, Impact Now and the Scouts
  • enabling the community nursery on Blackthorn to open on time in February 2015
  • Performance and Environment Zones at Lings Primary School
  • keeping the hugely successful Junior Wardens programme going in our primary schools
  • a progamme called Get Set Go, run by Age UK, to improve the lives of older residents of our estate

You can read about all of these on our Projects page.

Furthermore, by April 2016 we'd made almost 50 awards totalling around £52,000 to support community projects in the area with grants of up to about £1,000 - you can read about this and how you can apply to it on our Grants page.

Growing Together is funded by a grant of £1m from the National Lottery's Big Local programme.

We have also been developed a Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that the community's wishes are followed when the Council takes planning decisions affecting our area. This was approved in a local referendum on Thursday 23 February 2017, in which 91.47% of those voting said they were in favour of adopting it as part of the legal framwework for local planning decisions. See Downloads to see the full Plan.